3 months, 3 musicals

This fall, STARS is offering both an online and in-person program! To learn more about our summer program and the classes we will be offering, view our recorded info session Password: 2g&M22qf

To learn more about our in-person program and the new stringent protocols we will be offering, view our recorded info session from the link above. In-person protocol starts at 45 min!


For 3 months, beginning Wednesday, September 9 and ending Wednesday, December 9, STARS will run an online customizable program that can be accessed from your home or at STARS. Each week actors will choose three 45-minute classes (related to the week's musical) to participate in. The program will culminate with a talent show that all actors may participate in regardless of when they joined the program!

We have a limited number of in-person spaces available (per month). We will be following the same CDC protocols we followed this summer which can be found on our web site by watching our Zoom info session. If you would like more information about our protocols, please do not hesitate to reach out! You will also be asked to complete a daily screening and COVID waiver once you register. 

Classes being Offered

Sample Schedule

Both programs


Wednesday before month begins



4:00 PM - 6:30 PM


$125 per month online

$250 per month in-person

  • Professional crew to clean the theater regularly

  • Specific filters and cleaning products

  • Individual supplies for your camper to use that will remain at the theater

  • Additional staffing hours to maintain appropriate social distancing




Sept 9 - Dec 9


Dec 9 at 11 at 6pm


4:00-4:45 Class 1

4:45-4:50 Break

4:50-5:35 Class 2

5:35-5:40 Break

5:40-6:25 Class 3


$50 off sibling discount

$25 off for each friend referred

Ph: (818) 835-4962

Email: info@dramastars.com

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