Shayna, WOW! is all I can say! Last night’s show was so adorable. I had no idea what to expect with the Charlie Brown production. I think this was one of Mia’s best performances in playing Lucy (with her cold and all!). She cracked me up with her facial expressions! And those eyebrows! LOL …..Just another great production, and you did an outstanding job as their director because all the kids were great! Thanks so much again Shayna! We’ll miss you.


"Thank you for the wonderful camp experience! The show was fantastic and Lucy had the most wonderful time! She made great new friends and you and all of the others were loving kind and true professionals!  Looking forward to another show sometime in the future! Take care and thanks again!!!"


"The shows have been great so far. Sophia is having so much fun. Kim and I can't thank you enough."Jaren


"I just want to let you know how much Brian enjoyed being in the Fiddler production. He is still walking around the house singing the songs from the show - several weeks after it ended! This was a first-time venture for him into a drama production and he loved it. The quality of performance that you produce in less than a month would be a huge accomplishment for anyone - and the fact that you are just 14 makes it all the more impressive! You are a shining example to both your peers and to these young kids who adore and respect you! Brian is looking forward to participating again next summer. Thanks!" 


"I just want to thank you ALL very much for giving my daughter, Caroline, a fabulous four weeks of fun, fun, fun!!! She had an absolute BLAST at your dramatic arts camp. Caroline has matured since doing "Grease" 2 years ago, and her performance was much better this year. She had an amazing time with the campers and the counselors, and we cannot thank you enough for ALL that you guys do to make this such an incredibly memorable experience for our children.  You guys are incredible role models for the youth of today. It's not often that you encounter young people as giving and caring as you are."


"Thank you for everything you did for Charlie Brown. It was awesome and the kids LOVED every minute of it. You are awesome!!! Thank you for having Isa and Lola again--they can't wait."


"Thank Y O U for all that you do!! You are awesome!! I am so very grateful to you, Shayna, and the team for all that you do! You all have made a huge impact on Sydney's life. This is the first time I've ever heard her say "I'm proud of myself..." One of my proudest moments when I heard these words from my daughter...Thank you!!"


"Thank you for the wonderful shows. My Hannah, really enjoyed being part of a cast and the thrill of performing in front of a live audience.Your counselors were wonderful too !!"

Lisa E.

"Friday night was amazing and Mia had the BEST time ever! Thanks so much for all that you do with the entire cast of kids. This is one of Mia's best summers yet!"

Lisa T.

"Paula Friedman has been raving to me about your shows for quite some time now, and I am SO happy that I was finally able to attend last Friday's opening night "premier" for The Wizard of Oz!  I must say that your group's  performance was incredible--so professional and well-rehearsed I was beside myself with delight!  The cast members were impressively dedicated to making their show the best it could possibly be, and I could feel their enthusiasm throughout the program.  As for the costumes, props, and makeup...to die for!  The crew moved like the wind preparing each scene and smoothly exiting the set with even the heaviest pieces.  The kids were also very attached to their counselors, so the connection had to be yet another reason each of the actors worked so hard. The dance after the end of the play was a terrific outlet for the students, and EVER so much fun for the audience members to watch!  We wanted to get up and dance with them! My mom always said that there was nothing like a good play to keep kids engaged, and that is 100% true.  Your shows are proof of that fact, Shayna, and I am so happy to see a fellow drama fan giving children and adolescents the gift of theatrical performance. Once again, thank you!  I so enjoyed meeting your entire family!"


“Wow! What a magical night!! Y O U are amazing!!! Thank you for creating such a memorable and special opportunity for our children! I was in awe of their performance last night and wanted to express my sincere gratitude for all your hard work and for putting this beautiful experience together for our kids!!”


“Just wanted to say thank you for another great experience for Allison. She loved camp and we really enjoyed watching the performances!”


"You both make my daughter feel special and it is so appreciated."


""Being a part of Shayna's first two productions was the highlight of my daughter Emily's summer of 2004. Shayna has an excellent sense of direction and knows how to bring out the best in each "rising star" she works with. Each show offers a unique experience to every kid who participates. I highly recommend Drama STARS to any parent looking for a fun "soup to nuts" summer drama experience for their kid."  


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