Benefits of After School Theater Program

At Shayna Turk’s Academy of Rising STARS, we offer various after school programs throughout the school year in San Fernando Valley, California, to help give your children something fun, creative, and positive to do after school. There are countless benefits of after school theater programs such as giving your children something productive to look forward to and helping them grow through learning new skills in dancing, singing, acting, and character development. Our after school musical theater program, which are four to five-months, includes two performance throughout the school year. Our after school musical theater program meets on Wednesdays and every other Sunday. 

Here are some of the main benefits of after school theater programs: 

  • Enhanced Communication Skills: Participating in theater camps and programs improves communication skills through collaborative team efforts while preparing for shows and performances. 

  • Motivates Self Confidence: Building confidence at a young age is a crucial skill they will take with them throughout their lives. 

  • Improved Problem Solving: By getting involved in theater programs, problem solving skills increase tremendously because your child will face challenges as they learn. 

About STARS Camp & Programs

At STARS, we provide a summer camp, musical theater programs, drama classes, and more to help your child grow and learn through musical theater education in San Fernando Valley, California. Not only will your child learn new theater skills and techniques, but they will also create lifelong memories and have fun while doing so. Our camp provides roles for students with various skill sets and are ideal for anyone who wants to enhance their musical theater techniques and confidence. The long-lasting friendships they develop, with the other campers and our expert team members, are something special that many can’t find elsewhere.

See the many benefits of after school theater programs for yourself. View our registration page to get information on upcoming camps, programs, and classes, and take a look at reasons why kids love STARS!