Our Fabulous STARS Staff



Producing Director & Owner

B.A. Psychology and Spanish, from University of Southern California

Multiple Subject Credential from CSUN's Michael Eisner School of Education

The theater has always played a major role in Shayna’s life. At 5 years old, her musical theater career began and she performed in dozens of musicals at various local community theaters. For many years, she enjoyed the thrill of performance and the excitement theater added to her life.


It was not until 2002 that Shayna began questioning theater programs. When her younger, and very talented sister, Talia joined her on stage, Shayna realized that the local theater companies were casting based on age and not on ability. While this was truly discouraging for her at the time, she did not realize that this insight would lead to the opening of her own theater company.


Thus in 2003, at 11 years old, Shayna founded Shayna Turk’s Academy of Rising STARS. Thanks to Talia’s friends who joined the cast and believed in her dream, STARS became a reality for Shayna. Through this first experience, Shayna immediately realized her true passion in life: helping children build confidence and explore their creativity through performance.

While continuing her camp, Shayna attended the University of Southern California and earned her B.S. in Psychology in May of 2014. By taking classes that focused on children and adolescent development, she has gained a greater understanding of youth. This understanding has and will continue to help her as she expands STARS. She is thankful to have had the opportunity to expand her knowledge and bring that to her camp.

In 2015, Shayna attended Cal State Northridge's Michael Eisner School of Education, where she earned her Multiple Subject Credential. In 2016, she began her teaching career at CHIME Institute in Woodland Hills. Since then, she has been a third-grade teacher and has further explored her passion for working with students of all abilities.

In 2017, Shayna and Alex Yorke (STARS Assistant Director) brought the STARS program to CHIME Institute. This experience has further contributed to STARS impact on the community! 


Since 2003, Shayna has dedicated every summer to her STARS campers. Additionally, since 2013, she has turned STARS into a year-round program, allowing her to continue her passion throughout the year. Working with children is Shayna’s true passion, and being able to watch them grow is the most rewarding gift for her. She hopes STARS can be as transformative in your life as it has been in hers.  




Assistant Producing Director and Choreographer

B.A. Elementary Education, Graphic Design from San Diego State University

Multiple Subject Credential from CSUN's Michael Eisner School of Education  

As the Assistant Director, Alex is thrilled to call STARS her home. Shayna and Alex performed in musicals together as kids, which is when Alex caught the dancing bug. Although she loved singing and acting, she realized dancing was where her true passion was. She went on to compete on a competition tap and jazz team and later, in college, performed on a salsa team. She was very lucky to be able to work with some very talented dancers as well as do some teaching. She received her bachelors in Elementary Education from San Diego State University in 2011.


When she got word of Shayna starting her camp, she knew she had to be a part of it. She choreographed a few numbers here and there, starting with STARS' first production of Annie in 2004. She couldn’t stay away! Later, she jumped on the STARS wagon full time and never looked back. She looks forward to producing more incredible shows with Shayna and watching STARS grow. She thanks all our STARS alum who inspire us every day!




Gabi has been a part of the STARS family since she was 8 years old. Gabi loved being in the shows as a kid, but loves helping as a staff member even more! Gabi loves to choreograph and teach the dances to the campers because she loves working with kids. She enjoys interacting with them as she does something she has always loved to do. In the last few years, Gabi has gone from assistant choreographer to full-time choreographer and will continue to do so for a long time. Gabi currently attends Oak Park High School. Before joining the STARS staff, Gabi was a competitive ballroom dancer and entered in the Junior Olympics. Gabi's favorite part about STARS is definitely being with the kids and seeing them improve on stage. STARS is for sure a life long family that she will be a part of.





Artistic Director & Set Manager


Paige has been a part of the STARS family since she was 7 years old. As a camper, she looked forward to every session she was involved in. She loves being a counselor for many reasons. During the times she is not designing and putting sets together, she is creating bonds with all the kids. One of her favorite things about STARS is watching every camper grow and improve on stage. At the end of each session she loves watching all the STARS' hard work pay off during the shows. Outside of STARS, Paige plays volleyball and currently attends Chaminade High School! STARS has been her second home for a very long time and always will be! 



House Manager

B.A. Political Science, from University of Wisconsin Madison

Hello! My name is Josh Epstein and at camp, I am the house manager. Additionally, I am in charge of sets, and ticket sales at STARS. I started at STARS as a camper around 10 years ago and have appeared in multiple productions throughout the years and have loved every minute of it. The stage is a place where kids can gain social and life skills they can nearly nowhere else and at STARS, I see this happen each and every summer. My favorite aspect of camp is watching the campers grow up and witnessing them overcome their fears whether that means singing in front of people, getting on stage and saying their lines, or even interacting with their peers. Also, I love the performances because it is the culmination of endless hours of hard work and it gives the kids the chance to express themselves in front of an audience. At STARS, the goal is for our campers to leave us more confident and discover that they can do things they never thought possible of themselves. STARS is an incredible place to spend a summer!



Tech Manager

B.A. Communications and Spanish, from University of California, Cal Berkeley

Andrew has been helping at STARS for as long as he can remember. He is a theater kid at heart and working at shows is a getaway from the rest of his crazy life. In his spare time, you can catch him pretending to be studying to become a lawyer, cheering on his disappointing Cal Bears and Dodgers, and playing ping-pong. Look for him in the back during shows singing and dancing to all the songs by himself!




Asst. Tech Manager & Vocal Coach

Nick Bockian is the assistant tech manager, and has been a part of the STARS family for 8 years. He loves singing, acting, and trying to dance. One of his favorite parts about STARS is witnessing all of the campers grow up into the amazing people they are. STARS has inspired him to become a professional actor and singer. He always dreamed of working at STARS since he began, and now could not be more thrilled to be a CIT, and help put on the shows. Catch him in the back of the theater working the lights, or at the snack bar attempting to give correct change. STARS will always be Nick’s second home!



Set Manager & Vocal Coach

Jack has been a part of the STARS family since he was 8 years old. As a young 8 year old, he did not know what to expect when coming to STARS. It soon became his second home, and the friends that he made soon became family. STARS has changed Jack’s life. It opened his eyes to a world of fun, consisting of dance, singing, and acting. He is now working as the set manager and vocal coach, and couldn’t be happier. STARS inspired him to become a professional actor/singer. STARS is one of his favorite places to be. Jack loves being the vocal coach for the kids. He loves watching them improve on their singing abilities, and growing as individuals. Jack will forever love STARS, and the family that he has gotten.